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The initiative commenced in recognition of the fact that a large amount of Property Tax arrears was outstanding, and a special effort was required to collect outstanding sums....


The infirmaries will be taking on a more modern look- i.e. 1-2 beds will be allocated to each room. The idea is to move away from the open-house look. The St. Thomas and Westmoreland Infirmaries are in bad shape and in dire need of attention....

A.M.A.N.D.A. – Improving Development Approvals Process

AMANDA -Application Management and Data Automation- is software designed to track and manage the development application process. AMANDA has been in use for a number of years at NEPA in the management of their Application Permitting System. Making this application management system accessible online to the local planning authorities, NEPA and other commenting agencies would result in immediate time and resource savings for all involved. ...