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Ministry of Local Government
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Manchester Municipal Corporation

Manchester is one of the newest parishes of Jamaica.
It was created in 1814 from parts of the adjoining parishes of St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Vere, and was named after the Duke of Manchester who was then governor of the Island. The area of the parish is 302 square miles. This parish is located between St. Elizabeth to the west, Clarendon to the east and Trelawny to the north.

Mandeville, the parish capital is located 628.2m (2,061 feet) above sea level. A cool, hilly township, possessing an almost temperate climate, it is considered one of the most attractive towns in Jamaica. Located in the center of the parish, Mandeville has one of the most appropriate situations for an administrative center. It also represents a significant educational centre, which serves the central regions of the island as a University, and two other colleges are located here. It is the hub of a network of roads which links most of the adjoining centres including the North Coast and is a mid-way point between Trelawny and St. Ann. Mandeville has developed into a strong financial and commercial centre due to the booming of the bauxite and alumina industry, in which Alpart and Alcan are major players.

Traditionally, economic activities in the parish of Manchester have consisted mainly of agriculture and bauxite/alumina production, which have employed a large labour force. Fishing provides a source of income for residents in the Alligator Pond village at the south-western corner of the parish.

Address: 32 Hargreaves Avenue, Mandeville,
Telephone: 962-2278-9
Fax: 962-0611

Chairman - Mayor Donovan Anthony Mitchell
Deputy Chairman - Deputy Mayor Ervin Facey
Chief Executive Officer - David Harris
Superintendent of Roads & Works - Earle Dawkins
Director of Finance - David Harris
Director of Planning - Dewaine Larmond
Director of Administration - Darcia Roache
Disaster Coordinator - Lajean Powell/ Crystal Lambert