Amendments to Personal Records

Document containing your personal information

Where an official document containing personal information about you is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading, and is used or is available for use by a government entity for administrative purposes, this application form may be used to have the document amended or annotated.
The application must specify the basis for making the claim and the nature of the amendment or annotation which you require. Where an annotation is required, you must include, along with the Application, a statement specifying the correction which you feel needs to be made. You will, in most cases, be required to provide verification of the truth of the matters contained in this type of application. You may also be asked to provide relevant identification.
This form is being offered to you as an on-line service and is available to you in Microsoft Word (DOC) format.
You will have two options for completing the form once it has been downloaded:

1. Print The Form And Fill In The Fields By Hand For Submission To The Responsible ATI Officer;

2. Fill In The Form On-Screen And Then Print It For Submission To The Responsible ATI Officer

The Access to Information documents are located on the:

ATI Resources Page