Board Of Supervision Duties & Responsibilities

Section 7
To hold quarterly meeting on the first Thursday of January, April, July and October of each year or within twenty (20) days of these fixed dates.
Section 8
To appoint, if it is deemed fit, two or more of its members as a Committee, for the purposes of the Poor Relief Act, to exercise the powers of the Board.
Section 9
To make rules for the better carrying out of the Poor Relief
Act and generally in relation to the administration of Poor
Relief, particularly for:- 
  1. The control and management of Poor Relief and for the form and manner in which such relief may be given;
  2. Controlling the education of children whose education is a charge on Poor Relief Funds;
  3. Regulating and controlling the form, manner and kind of medical assistance which may be granted to persons under the Poor Relief Act.
  4. The government, management and control of Infirmaries and of all Poor Relief Institutions;
  5. Making provision for, and controlling the boarding out of children subject to Poor Relief;
  6. Controlling the duties of Poor Relief Officers and the manner of their performance of such duties.                                                         
Section 10 (f)
 Generally to see the Act effectively administered by the several Parish Councils without injustice to the persons entitled to relief on the one hand, and with due regard to the interest of the taxpayers on the other, and so far as may be to secure unity of system in its practical administration of poor relief throughout the island.
Section 11
To make a record of its proceedings, and once in every year to submit to the Minister a general report on its proceedings, the report to contain a full statement as to the condition and management of the Poor throughout Jamaica and the funds raised for their relief.
Section 12
To enquire into the management of the poor in every parish in Jamaica, in respect of which enquiry, the Board may require answers and returns to be made and may by summons require the attendance of persons and the production of books and records. 
Section 13
To authorize and empower for a limited time, one or more of its members to conduct any special enquiry in any part of Jamaica, and to report thereon to the Board, and such members may summon and examine witnesses on oath and exercise all such other of the powers of the Board of Supervision as may be necessary for conducting such enquiry;
Section 17
 To appoint two (2) members on each Parish Poor Relief Committee;
Section 19(2)

To conduct Training Programmes and examination to qualify persons for appointment as Inspector of Poor and Master or Matron of Infirmaries. The requirements of the Board of Supervision as to such examinations shall be published from time to time in the Gazette;


 May from time to time with the approval of the Minister by order add to or amend the schedule.
Section 21(3)
 To investigate, any complaint in relation to the administration of poor relief or report by the Secretary to the Board of Supervision where the opinion is formed that the provisions of the Poor Relief Act are not being properly carried out in a particular place or district or by any particular Poor Relief Officer;
Section 23
To approve of the building of an Infirmary/Almshouse between two or more contiguous parishes;
Section 24
To approve of the site and plans for the enlargement or alteration of existing Infirmaries/Almshouses and the construction of new Infirmaries/Almshouses.
Section 25
To approve rules and regulations framed by the Parish Councils for the Management of Infirmaries/Almshouses;
Section 28
To ensure the attendance of Medical Officer to the residents of Infirmaries/Almshouses;
Section 33
To receive and treat complaints from poor persons who have been refused relief by the Parish Councils or Poor Relief

In addition to the duties and functions of the Board as laid down by the Poor Relief Act, the Board has the additional duties to ensure the care and protection of Homeless and Street People islandwide as mandated by the Commission of Enquiry Act Commission to enquire into the forced removal of Homeless Persons from Montego Bay to St. Elizabeth on the 15th Day of July, 1999.