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$22m contract signed for Trysee Road rehab

TRYSEE, ST. Ann: The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development has inked a contract FSC Construction Works Limited to undertake the rehabilitation of the Trysee Main Road in Brown’s Town, St. Ann.

Portfolio Minister, Honourable Desmond McKenzie gave residents the assurance that the scope of work will include the installation of proper drainage to preserve the road.

“We have taken a conscious decision that you can’t construct a road without drains [or] sidewalks because all you would be doing is making a bad investment in something that will not last,” he said on Tuesday (February 6) during the ceremony for the contract signing.

“So, what we are doing on major roads is to ensure that we put in sewerage, we put in facilities for cable, so when we put down the road, we don’t have to dig it up again.”

Work is expected to begin on February 12, 2024 and last for six months.

Minister McKenzie also thanked the residents of Trysee for their patience, noting that consultations were done with the community a little over a year ago.

“When the work is completed, I will be coming back here to cut the ribbon and walk with you on the road,” the Minister added.

Miss Krystal Lee, Member of Parliament for St. Ann North Western, expressed gratitude to Minister McKenzie for the project.

“We are here today, not because of any promise, but because of a commitment that you gave a little over a year ago…we are happy to say commitment made and it’s been kept,” said MP Lee.

“On behalf of the constituency and the residents of the Trysee community, we want to thank you and the team for coming through with this for us, and we are looking forward for the project to be done in short order and to be built to the best standards.”