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Additional $5 million allocated for Labour Day Parish Projects

An additional $5 million will be provided by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development to assist with Labour Day parish projects.

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Noel Arscott made this announcement while bringing greetings at the National Workers’ Week and Labour Day Thanksgiving Church Service held Sunday at the Covenant Moravian Church on Molynes Road in Kingston.

The service marked the beginning of National Workers’ Week and National Labour Day, which is being celebrated under the theme, ‘Take a Stand: Beautify Our Land.’

The service was hosted by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, an agency of the Ministry of Youth and Culture through the Committee for the Promotion of National Religious Service.

Minister Arscott said that this year’s Labour Day activities will focus on promoting climate change initiatives and crime fighting strategies. Fifteen police stations that are in need of repairs have been selected as parish projects, while the National Labour Day project is the Portmore Climate Change Park. Work will begin on Labour Day Friday, May 23.

“These are key development issues that have been addressed and what better way to bring them to the fore than to have communities and citizens of this country, become actively involved in these initiatives,” he said.

The minister said he was pleased with the public’s response so far in registering their projects. Activities are also being registered by the Labour Day Secretariat at the Ministry of Youth and Culture. He said the ministry has received a number of calls from private and public companies, foundations, individuals, church groups, communities and other entities wanting to register their projects.

“This is an indication of just how much Labour Day transcends borders and how the people of Jamaica are willing and eager to take a stand and beautify our land,” he said, adding that the ministry will accept “all meaningful projects as no one project is more important than the other.”

The minister called on parish councils to garner support for the registered parish projects. He also urged citizens who have not yet signed up for a project to find one and volunteer their services.

Minister Arscott also thanked corporate Jamaica and volunteers for the support have extended to the National Labour Day Project, and other projects.

Vice-President of the Jamaica Evangelical Alliance and President, Missionary Church Association, Rev Rennard White delivered the sermon.

–Jamaica Observer–