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Brown’s Town Market to Benefit From J$15 Million Infrastructure Boost

After more than twenty years without effective maintenance or infrastructural improvements, change is coming for the users of the Browns Town Market in St. Ann. Following a tour of the facility yesterday, Minister of Local Government and Community Development Hon. Desmond McKenzie announced the allocation of J$15 million for works to be done.

“This is very popular Market. Over 700 vendors operate here, and that gives a clear idea of the customer volume that passes through in order to create a profitable and sustainable living for them. The conditions are unacceptable and so works are going to be quickly done to create a properly functional Market. The Technical Team will finalize the design and related aspects for the improvement works, and $7 million will be made available immediately for the most urgent repairs. The remaining funds will facilitate other infrastructure needs once the normal approval procedures are completed.”

Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, Sydney Stewart, who also participated in the tour, said a preliminary estimate for works was done by the St. Ann Municipal Corporation. “We visited the Market last week and our technical team developed a costing on that basis. We are elated at the speed of the Minister’s response. He has charged us to ensure that all procedures are adhered to and we will ensure that everything that is done will not only serve the people of Brown’s Town and its environs, but will also stand up to scrutiny.”