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Golden Age Home Sponsors Recommit to Assisting Home

Four major sponsors of the Vineyard Town Golden Age Home in Kingston have recommitted to continuing their sponsorship of the home through cash and kind.
 In what is to become a quarterly meeting of the members of the Board and corporate sponsors of the home with Minister Robert Montague, the group noted that while they were aware of the recent emotive publicity of the operations of the home, they were not given to withdrawing their sponsorship but instead have resolved to strengthen their corporate social responsibility to the residents, their care and the facilities.
Meanwhile, Minister Montague, who has responsibility for Local Government and under whose portfolio the home operates used this morning’s meeting to thank the sponsors for staying the course and recommitting to continue the “good work they have been doing”.
“ …Your sponsorship has served the Golden Age Home well and while we recognize that this may not affect your bottom-line it sure does have tremendous influence and impact on the lives of our less fortunate…, a gesture that cannot be quantified in dollars” the Minister told the gathering.
Minister Montague expressed his appreciation amidst increased commitments for the rehabilitation of the bathroom facilities, introduction of therapeutic vegetable garden, physiotherapy, refurbishing of the kitchen facility, a 40-foot container for storage and the implementation of the more efficient LED lights for the compound.
The Minister also implored the corporate group to “spread the word to like-minded and committed companies to come on board in adopting clusters and improving the welfare of the residents as this type of generosity embraces the larger and greater cause of doing good for humanity.”