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Hanover Developers to Face Court

Nine developers in Hanover will on Tuesday face the Resident Magistrate’s Court for alleged breaching the Parish Council’s building and planning regulation.
The developers are the first to face the courts, resulting from a series of efforts by Hanover Parish Council to reduce the suspected high incidence of building breaches. A compliance team working in conjunction with the Parish Council’s municipal officers have been maintaining marked vigilance in enforcement, since the turn of the year.
Secretary/manager Alfred Graham has stated that there is some compliance, from the breaches detected, however, those facing the courts are still in breach.
“Building and planning permission is not just designed to obtain revenue,” he stated. “It is also intended to see that construction satisfies the building code, thereby guaranteeing a modicum of safety to life and property.”
The current wave of legal procedure against developers who have breached the building process started over the last six months, following a significant drop in revenue, even while there was a noticeable increase in construction activity. Improved compliance should show in revenue intake, Mr. Graham observed.
After a serious overhaul in enforcement, the Parish Council is also determined to reduce damage which is caused to some areas of infrastructure, due to faulty construction activity.
– Desmond Dorman, Hanover PC
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