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Improved Water Supply for Westmoreland

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Honourable Desmond McKenzie, says residents of Westmoreland are to receive improved access to water supply in coming months.

“Rural Water (Supply Limited) which falls under the Ministry of Local Government will commence in September, the rehabilitation and the upgrading of the water supply and storage system in Ashton,” he announced during a Disaster Preparedness Town Hall Meeting in Whitehouse, Westmoreland on July 14.

“This is a catchment tank in the community, and it is expected that over 600 persons within that community will benefit from this upgrading of the water system at a cost of J$10 million.”

The works in Ashton, Eastern Westmoreland is expected to be completed in November.

He also pointed to other projects aimed at improving water supplies. The Minister explained that while the Government works to increase access to water; plan are in place to truck water to various communities.

In Moreland Hill located in Western Westmoreland, water tanks will be installed in the community while the Ministry explores a major project, working with the Rural Water Supply Limited and the National Water Commission to establish a sustained supply of the commodity to the area.

“It is going to take some time but on a short-term basis, we are going to be installing in Moreland Hill, 10 water tanks that will carry 2,000 gallons of water to that community until we have completed the major work that is required,” added Minister McKenzie.

The Ministry of Local Government’s work to improve water supply in Westmoreland is ongoing as a J$4.6m water harvesting system was recently at the Bath Mountain Primary School, which also serves the surrounding community.

The Content and Little Bay Primary Schools have also benefitted from water system improvements to benefit their respective communities, at a cost of J$10m.

Meanwhile, the Ministry will be working closely with the National Works Agency to improve road conditions in Westmoreland. Minister McKenzie stated that rehabilitation work will also be undertaken on several parochial roads in the parish at a cost of J$120 million.