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Infrastructure in Vaughansfield Housing Scheme to be Upgraded

The Vaughansfield Housing Scheme, in St. James, has been earmarked for an approximately $35 million infrastructure upgrade project by the Government.

This forms part of a multi-billion dollar national programme to upgrade infrastructure of some 100 housing schemes across the island that were constructed in the first 10 years of the National Housing Trust (NHT).

The scope of work for the Vaughansfield Housing Scheme will include the rehabilitation of 1.5 kilometres of roadway, sidewalks and drains.

At  a   St. James Municipal Corporation/National Housing Trust community meeting, held at the Maroon Town Community Centre, in the parish, on  June 17, Minister of State in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Homer Davis, said the project will restore pride and value in the Vaughansfield Housing Scheme.

“This housing development was among the first to be constructed by the NHT [and] we will be spending to bring back life in this community; to bring back pride to residents and to ensure that the value of your houses are restored,” he added.

The State Minister pointed out that  most of  the residents in those 100 schemes are retirees – former teachers, policemen and nurses.

Mr. Davis emphasised that the value of their hard-earned investments should be increasing and not decreasing.

One resident of Vaughansfield Housing Scheme, Marsha Daniels Powell, told JIS News that the community welcomes the project, noting that it brings hope for other opportunities.

“I really hope that as they develop these particular infrastructure that we will have better lighting and better networks. We are hoping for better responses from our network providers and from JPS,” she said.