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Jamaica Fire Brigade Launches Citizens’ Charter

The launch of the Jamaica Fire Brigades Citizens’ Charter on September 17, 2009 was hailed as an important part of the Brigades Modernization Programme.

The Honourable Robert Montague, Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Local Government, said the introduction of the Citizen’s Charter was a critical step in the Brigades overall programme of improved service. He said that “the central element in Jamaica Fire Brigade’s approach to modernization of its services and improving its operations is the citizens they serve.”

The publication of a Citizen’s Charter signals recognition of how vital improving service delivery is to overall organization improvement. “This improvement in service delivery is also in congruence with the Department of Local Government’s mission as it relates to providing higher standards of service to the citizens of this country” Minister Montague said.
The Local Government Minister pointed out how important it was for the Jamaica Fire Brigade to ensure that the necessary capacity is in place to honour the commitments being made to the citizens. He implored the Brigade to ensure that there is continuous training of staff.

Even as he lauded the Jamaica Fire Brigade saying “I am proud of this bold step that the Jamaica Fire Brigade has taken; it is a move that will serve to improve its relationship with the public”, Minister Montague took the time to remind the public of its responsibilities. He said the citizen’s should play their part in protecting themselves and their properties from fire as it is often a preventable disaster. Minister Montague also admonished persons who make prank phone calls to the Fire Brigade, saying that it was a malicious act that waste taxpayers’ money.