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Kingston and Spanish Town to Have New Mayors

Deputy Mayors Lee Clarke and Owen Palmer are set to assume the positions of Mayors of Kingston and Spanish Town respectively. The positions became vacant when the incumbent Mayor of Kingston, Senator Desmond McKenzie was elected as MP for Western Kingston and Mayor of Spanish Town, Dr. Andrew Wheatley was elected as MP for the St Catherine South Central seat, in the December 29th general elections.
The deputy mayors are to be sworn in as new mayors in accordance with the provisions of the Parish Councils Act and the Kingston & St Andrew Corporation (KASC) Act, which allows for the ‘promotion’ of the deputy mayor in the event that the mayor demits office for whatever reason prior to a local government election. The Council will then have to select a new deputy mayor.
The general elections actually left the St Catherine Parish Council with two vacant seats as Denise Daley, Councillor of the Linstead division, was elected as MP for East St Catherine.