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Local Authorities Respond Favourably to OCG’s Request for Submission of Information on ‘Forced Accounts’ Methodology

The Department of Local Government has been expeditiously facilitating the submission of information from the island’s parish councils regarding the use of ‘forced accounts’ in response to a requisition from the Office of the Contractor General.

According to Director General in the Department of Local Government, Major Richard Reese, “So far eight (8) Local Authorities have submitted information and we have been facilitating the research and compilation of the requisite information for the OCG through the respective councils in order to meet the deadline of March 11, 2011.’

Major Reese was responding to a request from the Office of the Contractor General which indicated the need for information on the use of the Force Accounts Contract Award Methodology.

A Forced Account is a project implementation methodology where government entities implement rehabilitative or developmental works by utilising its internal resources and equipment, rather than contracting the work to an external entity. In such instances, the Government entity may be

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required to procure raw material/or engage temporary labour and equipment to carry out the work.

The eight councils that have submitted information so far are: Westmoreland, Portland, Clarendon, St. Ann, St. James, St. Elizabeth and St. Thomas and the KSAC.

The Director General has expressed confidence that the remaining five (5) councils will comply, however, the manual extraction of information and compilation is delaying the submission. In light of this, the DLG has requested an extension to March 18, 2011, in an effort to ensure accuracy.

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