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Local Government And Rural Development Minister Mourns Passing Of Former National Footballer Luton Shelton

Member of Parliament for Western Kingston Hon. Desmond McKenzie has expressed great sadness at the death of former national football player Luton Shelton, after a long illness.

“It was publicly known that he was fighting against the ravages of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He was my constituent, and one of the bravest persons I have ever known. He was admired and highly respected by everyone in all the communities of western Kingston not only because of his history as a national representative, but also because of the natural authority he had as a leader. The West Kingston family is deeply mourning the departure of one of its finest sons today, at the tender age of 35. He grew up in Tivoli Gardens and started his career at Tivoli Gardens Football Club before moving to other clubs locally and overseas, and putting on the national colours. As we honour Luton’s memory and reflect on his exemplary life, I want to give the assurance of continued support for his family, including the education of his children.

“Luton Shelton was a national treasure. I salute him and I will never forget him. He is gone from us, but our memories of him and the legacy he has bestowed will ensure his immortality. We feel assured that he is resting in peace, in the arms of his Creator.”