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Local Government Minister Expresses Great Sadness at the Deaths of Two Firefighters

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Desmond McKenzie, has expressed shock and sadness at the tragic passing of firefighters Stefan Walters and Alex Williams, who were killed in a traffic accident along the Laughland Main Road in St. Ann last night. They were assigned to the Ocho Rios Fire Station. 

“Both Firefighters had finished work and were going home after transporting another colleague home, when the accident occurred. I am very saddened by this…Firefighter Williams joined the Fire Brigade less than two years ago, and Firefighter Walters gave just over five years of service. I know that the whole JFB family is mourning the loss of these young servicemen, and I want to express my personal condolences to them and to the relatives and friends of Stefan and Alex. They lived lives of great purpose, and now, even as there is grief, we can recall their time on earth with pride.”

Commissioner of the JFB, Stewart Beckford said “this is a tragedy in every sense. They were young, hardworking Firefighters. When you put their ages together, it amounts to less than fifty years. I have been meeting with Stefan and Alex’s relatives, and assured them of the prayerful support of the Jamaica Fire Brigade.