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Minister of Local Government and Community Development Hon. Desmond McKenzie has hailed the Board of Supervision’s 2024 batch of Scholarship Awardees, for their hard work, tenacity, and determination to overcome adversity.

In greeting this year’s Awardees at a special ceremony held in their honour recently under the theme “Celebrating Triumph Over Adversity”, Minister McKenzie noted that through this Scholarship Programme, the Board of Supervision and the Poor Relief Departments in the Local Authorities, the life chances of children of less fortunate families across the country have significantly improved. “You are not just successful students, working in your classes and exams, but also ambassadors for success. You are highly motivational and influential examples, who are showing everyone in your communities and beyond, that hard work and discipline bring success…that their dreams are possible because of what you have done and are still achieving.”

At this year’s ceremony, 61 students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels were given awards valued at a total of J$3,070 million, based on:

  • PEP passes with an average of 85 and above.
  • CESC passes 5 or more subjects including English Language and at least one numerical subject.
  • CAPE passes at least 3 subjects with grades 1 to 4.
  • At the Tertiary Level – A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0

Secretary to the Board of Supervision, Ms. Treka Lewis, noted that the Annual Scholarship Awards Programme represents a formal acknowledgment of the trials and triumphs of the children who are enrolled in the Poor Relief Programme. “This form of recognition is a crucial component within our overarching mission to elevate the Poor Relief Programme into a distinguished entity within the realm of Human Services. We are deeply committed to reshaping perceptions surrounding Poor Relief, thus embarking on various initiatives aimed at amplifying awareness about the invaluable contributions made by the Poor Relief Department and the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development towards enhancing the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. The Poor Relief Departments have nurtured and encouraged the potential of the children of less fortunate families, and they have witnessed several success stories, from doctors, lawyers, teachers and astute businessmen and women.”