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Local Government Minister Urges End to Littering- reminds public that littering is an offence

Minister of Local Government & Community Development Hon Noel Arscott, has appealed to the public to dispose of their waste properly, and to be mindful of the environmental impact of improper garbage disposal.
Minister Arscott was speaking at a ceremony for the handing over of a donation of drums to the National Solid Waste Management Authority, on Thursday, December 20, 2012.
The Minister said that the act of littering was a thoughtless one in which too many indulged,   “the tossing of trash in the gullies, on the streets and out the windows of our cars, seems like a matter of reflex for most people” he said.
He purported that improper garbage disposal contributes to the extensive flooding often experienced during the rainy season. He added that the sums spent annually on drain cleaning could be significantly less if people did not litter.
The Minister also used the opportunity to appeal to citizens to be particularly conscious about the amount of waste they produce during the festive season. “It is a time of increased consumption and consequently increased waste generation” he said, pointing out that approximately 50% of all waste handled by the island’s landfills is bio-degradable.
“By compositing much of our household waste we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the demands on solid waste disposal services.” He added.
The Local Government Minister reminded the public that it was an offence to litter public spaces, break bottle or glass in a public space and to deposit litter in a private place without the consent of the owner and that persons who commit such offences will face penalties.
The National Solid Waste Management Authority received a total of 2000 drums from Jamaica bedding/Ojay Koolers for placement in Old Harbour, Spanish Town and May Pen.