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The Government is pleased to acknowledge and celebrate the essence of our local communities and the vital role of our local government system. Indeed, the government appreciates the remarkable contributions of our local authorities and their enduring commitment to the well-being of our society.

The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development is an important component of this government that accompanies citizens through the stages of their lives. The services of the local authorities have been integral in facilitating the development of communities that can deliver sustainable first world services through modern, participatory, autonomous, and adaptive systems, for the benefit of all citizens.

As we celebrate Local Government month this November under the theme: Creating A Legacy of Improved Social Services’ we acknowledge the values that underpin the foundation of our communities and our nation as a whole.  Indeed, local government encapsulates the pivotal role that our local authorities play in fostering social care, unity, and progress within our neighbourhoods.

Over the years, this Ministry has achieved record breaking performances in areas such as infrastructure, construction and rehabilitation, upgrading of markets, municipal buildings, fire stations, infirmaries, streetlight, and constructing houses for the indigent population.

I commend the Ministry of Local Government for its work in caring for the homeless among our population, setting up night shelters in various parishes, the integral role it plays in the preparation for natural disasters, opening recreational parks, the beautification of our towns and cities and ensuring that the enforcement of anti-litter and building laws are priority on the government’s agenda.  We will continue to strategically expand the capacity of the authorities to further upgrade the National Solid Waste Management Authority, NSWMA, as we believe every Jamaican should have the opportunity to live in a clean community.

Indeed, we have set the standard high. The government remains committed to fulfilling the needs of every Jamaican through the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development. We will work to develop and refine strategies, forge partnerships to promote sustainable development and advance Jamaica to first-world status.

It is imperative that we acknowledge and honour the tireless efforts of those who work diligently within our local government, striving to improve the lives of our citizens and build a brighter future for generations to come. Let us use this month as an opportunity to reflect on the significance of their contributions and to actively engage in initiatives that promote the betterment of our communities.

Together, let us continue to work hand in hand, fostering a legacy of enhanced social services and reinforcing the bonds that strengthen the fabric of our beloved nation.


The Most Hon. Andrew Holness, ON, PC, MP

Prime Minister