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Minister Arscott Responds to Claims of Political Cronyism in the Handling of Fire at Riverton Landfill

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon Noel Arscott has expressed disappointment at the outrageous claims made by the former Minister of Housing, Water Environment and Local Government.
Minister Arscott says that it is unfortunate at this time of National crisis when we should be coming together to solve a problem that was not created by any one administration that the former Minister should take such an adversarial position.
“I urge Dr Chang not to politicise such a catastrophic event” the Minister said. “The problem at the landfill is a long-standing one; the Ministry took action as soon as we became aware of the situation”, he added.
The Minister has extended an invitation to meet with Minister Chang to discuss the situation and to address any issues he might have.
The Minister held a press conference earlier today at the landfill at which he updated the media and the public on the status of the fire fighting activities.