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Minister Montague names 2010 recipients of Local Government Awards

The 2nd Annual Local Government Awards held on Saturday January 22, 2011 was extremely successful as a result of meticulous organization and creativity reflected by the black, green and gold decor complimented by the venue which helped to create an amazing atmosphere. The function at Laughing Waters began at approximately 2:00 p.m. with senior staff members of the parish councils, Minister of Local Government and his staff members mingling, enjoying the lunch and entertainment before approaching the much anticipated formal part of the function, the award ceremony.
Mr. Robert Hill, Director of Local Government Administration was pleased to announce the eight Parish Councils which were recipients of Local Government Awards for Outstanding Performance in 2010. Parish Council Awardees and the award for outstanding performance in specific areas are as follows:  Hanover Parish Council in Best Property Tax Compliance, St. Thomas Parish Council in Prudent Financial Management, St. Catherine Parish Council in Engaging Citizens’ Participation in the Affairs of Local Government, Trelawny Parish Council in Best Performance Commercial Services Management and St. James Parish Council in Improvement in Own Source Revenues.      St. Mary Parish Council received 1st place in All-Island Local Government Environmental Project competition followed by Westmoreland and St. Thomas Parish Councils respectively.
Awardees also included Professor Rex Nettleford for commitment to Advancing Local Government Reform, National Solid Waste Management Authority for Best Performing Local Government Agency and several Board of Supervision awards for long service were announced such as Mrs. Patricia Anderson for Outstanding Service as Inspector of the Poor to the Clarendon Parish Council. The Minister’s aAward went to Former Mayor Ralph Anglin for Invaluable contribution to the advancement of Local Government in Jamaica.
The Chairman’s and Hon. Minister Robert Montague good natured jokes were enjoyed and added a nice touch to the function. Minister Montague also acknowledged the efforts of mayors and parish councils in their tasks alongside thanking AGM medical donor Mr. Allan Goldenberg for his Philanthropy towards Medical Institutions. Other persons present at the function were: Speaker of the House, Delroy Chuck; Mrs. Joan Gordon-Webley, Director of NSWMA, Bertel Moore, Mayor of Westmoreland, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, Mayor of St. Catherine, Floyd Patterson, Mayor of Portland, Harold Brown, Mayor of St. Thomas, Charles Sinclair Jr, Mayor of St. James and Richard Creary, Mayor of Port Maria among others. Mr. Errol Green, Town Clerk of KSAC, Secretary/ Managers Mr. Alfred Graham, Mrs. Opal Beharie, Mr. Gerald Lee, Mr. Clinton Gordon, Mrs. Kerry Chambers, Mr. Michael Morris and Mrs. Fay Neufville also attended the function. Rory Frankson provided the audience intermittently throughout the ceremony with splendid entertainment by performing a genre of music.

After the awards were announced dinner was served buffet style and attendees were once again socializing and enjoying the music from the sound system. Persons began leaving at around 6:30 p.m. as result of the rain however they left the function with several memorable moments and high points.