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Minister of local government gets enhanced security for workers putting out fire and smoke at riverton disposal site

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, has secured enhanced protection for all the workers involved in extinguishing the residual smoke at the Riverton Disposal Site, in the wake of threats issued against them.

“They have been threatened by unscrupulous persons, who, as I indicated before, have a tradition of setting fires at Riverton with the intent of profiting from putting them out. Based on intelligence so far obtained, arrangements have been made for enhanced security not only at Riverton, but at all the Disposal Sites affected by fires recently, including Retirement in St. James and Church Corner in St. Thomas. This Administration will not bow to any form of intimidation from the lawless in our society.”

In assuring the workers that they are safe, the Minister noted that this incident is further proof that the fires that have occurred at the Disposal Sites over the past six weeks are organized. “The people who are doing this are well aware that there are expenses incurred in extinguishing the fires, and this sabotage, this assault on the environment, is driven substantially by a cynical desire to make money. They do not represent the average Jamaican, who I call on today to support the Government, and expose and condemn them for their callous and illegal actions.”

The Minister said the macro-economic gains made by the Government, and the governance and social interventions made through the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, will not be allowed to be hindered by criminally-minded people who are unconcerned about the health and well-being of their fellow citizens.