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Minister of Local Government Grieves at Tragic Death of Firefighter in New Year’s Day Motor Vehicle Accident

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Hon. Desmond McKenzie, has expressed sadness at the tragic passing of Firefighter Sheldon Henry, who perished in a motor vehicle accident late Wednesday night, New Year’s Day.

Mr. Henry was driving his car on the McCooks Pen main road in St. Catherine after  completing his shift at the Old Harbour Fire Station, to which he was assigned, when he became involved in a three-vehicle accident. He was taken to the Spanish Town Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“I got the call somewhere after 11:30 last night…this is such a sad situation. Mr. Henry was in the prime of his life at the age of 34, and already, had over 7 years of experience as a firefighter, having joined the Jamaica Fire Brigade in 2012. He was heading home after completing his duties when this occurred. This is a painful experience for the JFB family and for me, as Minister. Just about this time last year, we lost another firefighter in a motor vehicle accident. I want to express profound condolences to firefighter Henry’s colleagues at the Old Harbour Fire Station, his family and his friends. He lived a life of value and service, and his loss is being strongly felt. I also want to assure them that the wider Ministry of Local Government and Community Development stands with them now, and will do so in the days ahead.”