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Minister of Local Government Mourns the Death Of Councilor for The Fellowship Division, Irvin Brown

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, has expressed profound sadness at the death of Councillor for the Fellowship Division in Portland, Mr. Irvin Brown. Councillor Brown died on Tuesday after battling COVID-19 in hospital.

“It is a bitter loss to the people of Fellowship, a loss to the people of Eastern Portland and also to the elected representatives and administrative officers of the Portland Municipal Corporation. Irvin was a committed, industrious and pleasant person who people not only highly respected, but deeply loved.

“When we were preparing for the Local Government elections in 2016 and evaluating our candidates for that contest, there was no question that Irvin Brown was the man that the people of Fellowship wanted. Moreover, he had the leadership skills that are critical to the higher quality of local representation that the Ministry of Local Government is developing around the country. Having won the Division, Irvin started implementing his vision with great passion and seriousness, and it was my personal joy to have worked very closely with him. His representation was instrumental to the decision to install a new swing bridge at Ginger House in November last year, and now over 1,500 people in and around that district are better off. Ironically, it was just weeks ago that we toured a COVID-19 facility in the parish.


“My sadness at his departure is all the deeper because I know that he had much more to give. In four short years, he made a deep and lasting impression on everyone, and he is being sorely missed. On behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, and on behalf of the Jamaica Labour Party, I express deepest condolences to his family. We feel their loss, and while he has gone far too soon, we feel assured that he is resting in peace.”