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Ministry gives Kingsvale Police Station major facelift

KINGSVALE, HANOVER:The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development has effected $7 million in repairs to the Kingsvale Police Station in Western Hanover.

The rehabilitation was undertaken as an activity of Local Government Month and Community Month, celebrated annually during the month of November.

“Our theme for this year (‘Local Governance…The Pathway to Securing Better Communities’) speaks about securing safe and better communities, and we decided to enhance the theme by taking on a police station in rural Jamaica,” explained the Honourable Minister, Desmond McKenzie.

“This is a part of the community drive, the community aspect of Local Government Month and our community contribution to the security force.’

The improvements include the repair of the kitchen to include the installation of cupboards; painting; tiling of the bathroom; as well as the installation of a new stand-by generator, a 1,000-gallon water tank. The recreational area at the stationhouse was also given a facelift, and will be outfitted with a new sofa and television set.


“The state of the station left much to be desired. The conditions under which the officers had to work were really not conducive. We have lifted the standard and we intend to do that by giving the place a total facelift. So when you come back here in the next couple of months, you will not recognise this police station,” added Minister McKenzie.


He also disclosed that the access road to the police station, and the holding area for prisoners will be repaired as part of the overall project and is slated for completion this month.

During a workday at the facility on November 18, staff from the Ministry were joined by community members, officers from the Social Development Commission and the Hanover Municipal Corporation.

Commanding Officer for the Hanover Police Division, Superintendent Sharon Beeput, thanked the Minister for his vision and noted that the project will boost the morale of the personnel at the stationhouse.

“We are indeed grateful for this project, and to think that Kingsvale was chosen as the rural stations are often times forgotten, really means a lot to us.”