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Ministry hands over more indigent houses

PAGEE, St. Mary: Three houses with a combined value of J$26 million have been handed over in the parishes of Hanover and St. Mary under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development’s (MLGCD) Indigent Housing Programme since the start of the year.

Portfolio Minister, Honourable Desmond McKenzie, on February 12 presented the keys to a two-bedroom unit in the community of Pagee in Port Maria.

The proud beneficiary was Claudia Green, a 59-year-old physically challenged resident, who received the $10m housing solution.

Ms. Green joins 82-year-old Kathrine Miller and 60-year-old Carlton Kent who received their units from Prime Minister Andrew Holness in Chambers Pen, Hanover on January 19.

Ms. Miller was presented with a $10m two-bedroom home with solar water heaters, while Mr. Kent got a $6m studio unit. All three houses are fully furnished.


Prime Minister Holness said the presentation symbolised a brighter future for the individuals who have long faced housing challenges.

“I believe that two more houses are under construction,” he said at the time.

The MLGCD reintroduced the Indigent Housing Programme in 2017 under its Municipal Social Assistance Programme.

Through the Indigent Housing Programme, the Ministry has completed at least 65 units islandwide with work ongoing on others.

Applicants for the Indigent Housing Programme are screened through the Poor Relief Departments, where an investigation and verification procedure are carried out to establish the need.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said that the Government was addressing infrastructure and other needs in Chambers Pen- the pilot community under the Rural Development Programme launched in June 2022.

“The road, the water, electricity, this Administration has done it. You also wanted good schools and access to health care. We are paying attention to your needs.”

Minister McKenzie also congratulated the new homeowners, noting the sense of pride that comes with having safe and secure housing. He also said that the Hanover Municipal Corporation, through the Poor Relief Department, will continue to monitor and ensure that the houses remain in good condition.

“I’m proud to be back here. The turnout today is just an indication of the appreciation and the respect that the community of Chambers Pen has. We will still continue to work with you to improve conditions in your community,” he pledged.