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Minor Refurbishing Work to be Completed at the Waterford Fire Station

Minister of State in the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development the Honourable Colin Fagan, made note of some minor works that were to be completed in the short term, while on a walk-through of the Waterford Fire Station on Friday, July 6, 2012.
While on the tour, the Minister, who was accompanied by members of the Technical Services Unit of the Ministry as well as top ranking officers of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, addressed the officers of the station thanking them for their dedicated service to the people of the community and the wider Jamaica. He also implored the staff to ensure that they play their part in maintaining the facility as best as they can.
The team noted that the fire station is structurally sound and could be used as a proposed prototype unit for substations across the island necessary, while itemizing the critical areas that are to be addressed immediately, these include:
·         Overall painting of the exterior and interior of the building (preparation of the new surface have to be done)
·         Provision of mattresses to fit existing frames
·         Electrical outlets to be covered
·         Electrical lighting fixtures to be repaired or replaced if necessary
·         Wooden Louvre blade windows to be removed and replaced by aluminum Louvreblade windows
·         Shutters for engine bay is to be rehabilitated
Landscaping of the entire lot is to taken on as part of a more long term plan.
Minister Fagan has mandated that the technical team of the JFB complete and submit an estimate to the Ministry as soon as possible. After the submission of these estimates, the Minister will chart the way forward in implementing the rehabilitation of the Waterford fire station.
The Minister of State’s visit to the Waterford Fire Station was the first in a series of planned visits to fire stations islandwide.