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New Female Ward to be Built at Manchester Infirmary

MANDEVILLE, Manchester (JIS): A new $40 million female ward is to be constructed at the Manchester Infirmary, located at Royal Flat.

Local Government and Community Development Minister, Honourable Desmond McKenzie, broke ground for the building on Thursday, April 25. It is expected to be completed by year end.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. McKenzie said a solar water heating system and an energy saving water harvesting system would be installed to minimise the cost of electricity.

The sum for the building is part of an allocation of $200 million from the National Housing Trust (NHT), to help improve infirmaries across the island.

The infirmary will also be getting a new generator capable of running the facility when the public power supply is not available.

Mr. McKenzie said residents of the infirmary were once hard-working, honest and decent Jamaicans, who used to pay taxes, but might have fallen on hard times, so it is the State’s responsibility to provide for them.

“We are providing for them because many of them helped to create the foundation for the Jamaica we live in today. Many of the residents in our infirmaries created a kinder, gentler society, so it is our responsibility as leaders to care for them,” he added.

The Minister said the Government is committed to improving the lives of Jamaica’s poor, noting that in his upcoming Sectoral Debate presentation in the House, he would be announcing a number of areas of improvement for poor relief in Manchester.

Mr. McKenzie encouraged the staff to take good care of the new ward when it is constructed.

“We are going to ensure that workers in these facilities are trained, and we will be announcing a slew of new arrangements as they relate to training for workers, because we rely on them to provide the necessary support for the residents,” he said.