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New Infirmary for Hanover

More than 150 residents and community members in the environs of Hanover witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new infirmary for the parish.

The new Infirmary which will be built at cost of $27,160,356.79M with $20M of that amount being provided by the CHASE Fund and the additional $7,160,356.79M being put up by the Department of Local Government, will utilize the Free Form Polystyrene (EPS) Panel and will be the first of its kind.

This method of construction utilizes 3-D panels which result in the building being 40% cooler than traditional block and steel building therefore requiring less air conditioning. Additionally, it costs over nine million dollars less that building with traditional block and steel.

In his address to the gathering Minister with responsibility Local Government Hon. Robert Montague charged the contractors to maintain high standards as well as to keep the project within budget.

“I will not tolerate any cost overruns or shoddy workmanship on this project” he said. The Minister also implored the contractors to employ non partisan methods of employment in order to maintain good relationship with the community.

He also pointed out that that while the funds were procured some 2 years ago, the procurement and drafting process have taken some time. The entire construction should be completed in six (6) months.

The new facilities will include Nurses Station and Bathrooms, an open ward area in front of the Nurses’ Station for the very ill residents, and a Poor Relief office. The Infirmary will also benefit from a brand new clothes dryer and $100,000.00 courtesy of the Department of Local Government, towards starting a therapeutic vegetable garden.

Minister Montague suggested that the recreation room in the new facility be named “the Ruth Williams Recreational Center”, after the former Matron.

He also urged the members of the community to be vigilant regarding the progress of the construction and develop a healthy working relationship with the contractor to facilitate community involvement in the project.

The Hanover Infirmary currently house 56 residents and is situated on approximately 1.5 acres of land.