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NSWMA boosts fleet with 50 new trucks

Fifty new trucks and 10 motorcycles, valued at approximately US$6.9 million, were handed over to boost the operational capacity of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

Prime Minister Andrew Holness did the handover of the units during a special ceremony at National Heroes Park on November 30.

“With the arrival of these 50 trucks, I am advised that the total fleet now stands at 129 garbage trucks. The new units were manufactured in China and purchased from Tankweld Limited, the local dealers for the Shacman brand of garbage trucks in Jamaica.,” he said.

“It should be noted that the delays in getting the units were not only because of the procurement process, but they were also delayed because of the shutdowns and disruption in supply chains, and that the production schedule itself was interrupted.”

The 50 new trucks have been allocated across the island. Twelve trucks will go to the Western Parks and Markets Waste Management Limited; 10 for Metropolitan Parks and Market Waste Management Limited; 10 to Southern Parks and Markets Waste Management Limited; 10 for North Eastern Parks and Markets Waste Management Limited. The remaining eight will form part of a roving team dubbed ‘Strategically Working to Enforce and Enhance Public Cleansing Operations and Programmes’ (SWEEP COP).

According to PM Holness, the acquisition represents a major achievement in building the capacity of the NSWMA, adding that between 2016 and 2020, a total of 65 new garbage trucks were purchased.

He also noted that the Government has made calculated decisions to effectively manage the affairs of the country and has positioned it for economic growth.

“So, today we are standing here as a result of those decisions, making the point that we came through a pandemic, we are recovering, the country has forgotten about the pandemic already, we are looking forward to a great future and we are able to continue the capital expenditure, not just in NSWMA but right across all sectors in Jamaica. This is a major achievement.”

Mr. Holness argued that the acquisition of the trucks and the motorcycles will improve the increasing demand for garbage collection in communities islandwide.

“We have been very forthright with the public, and we have said that as a Government, we are not satisfied… We have tried with the resources that we have to maximise our ability to respond to the growing garbage-collection issue,” he said.