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NSWMA implements revised plan to clear garbabge pile up in Corporate Area and Portmore

The MPM Waste Management Limited wishes to apologize for the delay in the collection of solid waste from some communities in the Kingston Metropolitan Region and sections of Portmore over the past week. This delay is caused by our inability to complete the collection cycle due to various reasons including mechanical problems being experienced by units from our hired fleet. The situation is further compounded by the increased volume of solid waste generated at social functions and family gatherings at this time of the year.
We have since reassessed the situation and have now implemented a revised plan that will include additional trips per unit, assigning new units and night collection. We anticipate that the backlog communities will be cleared in the coming days.
We are asking residents to ensure that their solid waste is placed on the outside of their premises for collection and also to contact the Community Relations Department toll free at 1 888 253 2652 or 448 3220 to get information on their scheduled collection day.