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Ocho Rios Fire Station renamed Lorenzo Garnet Douse Memorial Building

OCHO RIOS, St. Ann:  The Ocho Rios Fire Station has been renamed and rededicated as the Lorenzo Garnet Douse Memorial Building to preserve the memory of the late firefighter who died tragically last December during active duties.

The somber occasion was marked with a ceremony on November 30 at the stationhouse located on Stormont Road in Buckfield, Ocho Rios.

Honourable Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Local Government and Community Development, emphasised the importance of preserving Douse’s legacy and ensuring that his sacrifice is not forgotten.

“This building must never ever find itself in a state of disrepair to the point that it does not reflect the symbol of what it is about. I urge the St. Ann Municipal Corporation to work closely with the JFB (Jamaica Fire Brigade) in ensuring that the facility is maintained,” he said.

Minister McKenzie noted that renaming is testament to the JFB’s commitment to recognizing its members’ service and dedication.

“I want this to be a reminder, not just to firefighters, but to the people of Jamaica that regardless of what you do, your service must be recognized.”

Firefighter Douse was also posthumously honoured by the Government on National Heroes Day in October.

He was killed in the line of duty when a motor vehicle overtook a line of traffic and slammed into the back of a fire truck parked near the Reynolds Pier along the Ocho Rios main road. Douse was among a team that responded to a fie call in the vicinity.

Minister McKenzie announced the decision to rename the Ocho Ros Fire Station during the funeral service for the 25-year-old firefighter at Moneague College in St. Ann on January 28.

The Minister also unveiled an Honour Board that will serve as a memorial for firefighters who have passed away in the line of duty.

He indicated that this new feature would be implemented in every fire station across Jamaica, allowing colleagues to remember and honour those who served with distinction.

JFB Commissioner, Stewart Beckford, acknowledged the unwavering dedication of the men and women within the Brigade who consistently serve the people of Jamaica.

This commitment, he noted, was evident during the recent challenges posed by the heavy rains that affected the country, incidents of bomb threats and the 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

“Let’s use the opportunity to collectively express our love and appreciation for our firefighters and to honour the memory of those who have preceded us and who have given of themselves to the very end. Let us forever remember the names of our falling heroes,” Commissioner Beckford added.

“It is therefore fitting that this station is named in his (Lorenzo Garnet Douse) honour, so that his sacrifice will be remembered for years to come,” Commissioner Beckford added.