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St. Ann Infirmary to Receive Special Attention Labour Day

The St. Ann Infirmary is to receive special attention from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development as part of activities for Labour Day, which will be observed on May 23.

Speaking at the recent media launch at the Office of the Prime Minister, Portfolio Minister, Honourable Desmond McKenzie, said that all Municipalities will be engaged on the day to support tree-planting activities under the national theme, ‘Plant a tree for life – promoting climate change mitigation, food security and road safety’.

“Each Municipal Corporation will have a project, and the St. Ann Municipal Corporation’s project will be the St. Ann infirmary. We will be paying special attention to the St. Ann infirmary as our part of the national contribution to Labour Day,” the Minister noted.

As it relates to the road-safety aspect of this year’s theme, the Minister said that the Local Government Ministry will also be placing focus on some parishes where an increase in motor vehicle accidents is noted.

“A special effort to work with the National Road Safety Council will be made and to do our part as local government practitioners to ensure that we provide the support, whether it be in the installation of signs or making necessary adjustments,” he said.

Furthermore, the Minister pledged the support of local authorities to the national Labour Day movement, adding that, “without local government it won’t work, and we are committed to the process”.