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Two houses handed over in St. Elizabeth

Two houses handed over in St. Elizabeth


BLACK RIVER, St. Elizabeth: Two indigent houses built under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development’s Municipal Social Assistance Programme (MSAP)were handed over in the parish of St. Elizabeth last week.


Portfolio Minister Honourable Desmond McKenzie did the handovers on June 22 in the communities of Brompton and Black River to Misses Shoya Farquharson and Bernicey Wright respectively.


He stressed that the Poor Relief Department, which oversees the initiative, must remain nonpartisan in selecting beneficiaries for the housing programme.


“None of the poor relief officers across Jamaica should ask anybody which party they are a part of…because being poor is no respecter of colour, creed or party,” said Minister McKenzie.


“This is why whatever we do, it is transparent, it is open, and we can stand up to any scrutiny on this programme.”


MSAP is designed to address the housing crisis among the poor and most vulnerable.


Miss Wright, who lost her home to fire in Black River, St. Elizabeth, is the proud recipient of a two-bedroom unit was constructed at a cost of $9 million.


The Mayor of Black River, Councillor Derrick Sangster, commended the Poor Relief Department for the work it has been doing in assisting persons in need.


“It is one of the pillars of the Ministry that renders so much assistance to many persons throughout Jamaica. I think we are all aware of the circumstances that one is in when they are assisted by the Poor Relief Department and the building of houses of this nature,” he said.


“For those who might have fallen on hard times, for those who might not have been able to achieve for themselves a unit at this level, that is the kind of assistance that Mr. McKenzie and the Ministry, through the Board of Supervision and the Poor Relief Department, render to citizens, throughout the island.”


In her remarks, Ms. Wright expressed gratitude for her new house.

“I want to personally thank Minister McKenzie for being a man of his word. You expressed your commitment to help me recover from my loss, and you have worked with the relevant agency to make this a reality,” Ms. Wright noted.


She also thanked other stakeholders who were instrumental in ensuring she received her home.