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Local Government Minister Announces Donation Account for Haiti

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Desmond McKenzie has announced the launch of a special assistance fund for the Republic of Haiti.

“The people of Haiti are continuing to experience a torrid time as the forces of nature have been unleashed on the country, first, with the recent, massive earthquake and now, the heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Grace. The plight of Haiti concerns us all and a special donation account, managed by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management numbered 212387304, (NCB Oxford Road Branch) has been established, to which corporate citizens and members of the public can make financial contributions. The ODPEM stands ready to answer any questions that persons may have regarding how they can assist in this effort.

“I want to encourage everyone to contribute, as well as to hold the people of Haiti up in your prayers as they endure this period in their history.”