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KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Honourable Desmond McKenzie, is hailing the life of work of the late Melvin Jones, Councillor for the May Pen North Division of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation. Mr. Jones passed away in December after ailing for some time.

Minister McKenzie says Councillor Jones’ strong work ethic, passion for people and engaging personality all combined to endear him to all who knew him and worked with him.

“His stature and influence went beyond the May Pen North Division. His devotion to the development of Clarendon through Local Government was without question. Even during his illness, he communicated to me his unswerving support for the work that, as a Ministry, we are doing to transform the system of Local Government. It is no surprise to me that for the over the many years of service he gave as a Councillor, the electors kept returning him with overwhelming majorities, irrespective of national voting trends. This pattern continued right into the 2016 Local Government elections, where he obtained over 84% of the ballots cast.”

The Local Government Minister says Councillor Jones has made a valuable contribution to local governance, and has left behind a blueprint of effective service for his successor.

“Even as we mourn his passing and acknowledge the void that it leaves in the Clarendon Municipal Corporation and in Local Government in general, we are also happy for the proud legacy he has created. He lived a life worthy of emulation, and on behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, and of the Government of Jamaica, I embrace Councillor Jones’ family and friends with every comforting wish and blessing.”