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Major Clean-up & Rodent Eradication Programme for Corporate Area

The government is to take a multi-stakeholder approach to launching a major rodent eradication programme within the corporate area and its immediate environs and some townships.
Minister of Local Government and Community Development Hon. Noel Arscott at a meeting this morning of principals of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, the Ministry of Health, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation and technical personnel from his ministry articulated a multi-pronged plan for managing what has been identified as a major rat infestation problem within the Corporate Area.
The immediate plans will include an inspection by the chief public health inspector’s team following which a report will be produced within two weeks. The findings of the report will serve as the base in determining the application of the other methodologies to be employed in the eradication programme which will include:
·        cleaning of some drains and gullies
·        Public education programme to highlight personal responsibility of citizens including business owners on proper disposal of waste and
·        Strengthening of enforcement of regulations
The meeting was called by Minister Arscott amid reports of rat infestation, the closure of a prominent high school as a result, and general complaints of unscheduled garbage collection and drain cleaning which are viewed as contributory factors.