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Poor Relief Activities on Display for Local Government and Community Month

In observance of November as Local Government & Community Month, the Board of Supervision (BOS), an agency of the Ministry of Local Government & Community Development, hosted an Open Day in the Ministry’s Car Park on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. The occasion was also used to launch an islandwide collection drive which the Board will be carrying out to boast their supplies for the poor.
In declaring the day open, Minister of State the Honourable Colin Fagan applauded the efforts of the BOS, which has oversight responsibility for poor relief activities, and thank the other entities who participated in the Open Day. He said that the Board and its partners lived their motto show you care, do your share everyday ‘and through this event, invite others to do the same’.
Pointing out that the success of the Board’s poor relief activities has been achieved with the input of many caring and generous individuals and organizations, Minister of State Fagan declared that the Open Day provided the opportunity for the public to learn more about, and become part of, the great work being done by the BOS. “Learn just how you can do this, by availing yourself of the wealth of information that exist on the many activities and programmes of the BOS and by extension the poor relief departments….” he implored.
Entities that participated in the BOS’ Open Day included sister agency, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, some businesses in the area such as Tyre Warehouse, Medical Supplies Ltd, as well as, BOS care facilities such as Open Arms Drop in Centre and the Maria Atkins Night Shelter. Secretary to the BOS Mr. Barrington Parsons said he was truly appreciative of all the entities that came on board and helped to make the day a success. “The public turn out wasn’t what we had hoped, but we still managed to collect quite a number of items”, he said while encouraging other citizens to donate.
The objectives of the BOS Open Day were to increase public awareness of the many activities and programmes of the BOS and by extension the poor relief department, to increase the sustained support of the Business community in supporting the Poor Relief Service and to launch its collection drive which continues with drums and boxes being placed at the islands thirteen (13) infirmaries.
Next item on the agenda for the commemoration of Local Government & Community Month 2013 is the hosting of a luncheon for the island’s fourteen youth mayors following a courtesy call on the Most Honourable Prime Minister on Friday, November 22, 2013.