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Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Desmond McKenzie is announcing the resumption of visits to Residents in the island’s Infirmaries and Golden Age Homes.

“Effective tomorrow, Saturday April 1, the Infirmaries and Golden Age Homes will once again facilitate visits by loved ones. While I know that there will be an outpouring of love and affection for our Residents as a result, I must state that these visits are being allowed under special protocols to ensure efficiency and physical safety. Visitors to the Infirmaries and Golden Age Homes will be required to make an appointment with the Matrons office in advance.  They will be accommodated outdoors in open spaces, that enable physical distancing utilizing the therapeutic parks or other open spaces.

Visits will last no longer than 45 minutes and each Resident can have no more than two persons visiting at the same time. It is critically important to note that the existing health protocols – such as screening on entry and sanitization will continue to be observed, and therefore items brought by visitors such as clothes and shoes will be sanitized. I wish to remind everyone that COVID-19 is still present in Jamaica, and bearing that in mind, as well as the fact that the Residents in our Infirmaries are older and more fragile, visitors will not be allowed to touch them and physical distancing must always  be maintained.

“I am making a special appeal to all the relatives and close friends who will visit the Residents to fully comply with all the requirements, and to co-operate with the staff at the Infirmaries and Golden Age Homes. They are the Ministry’s first points of protection from all forms of communicable diseases for all who work within this area of social protection, and I ask that their instructions are fully followed.”