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Sectoral Presentation 2012 – 2013

Excerpt  From Sectoral Presentation, June 26, 2012

“…. Having re-established the Ministry of Local Government & Community Development (MLGCD) we are now re-positioning it to re-focus on the important role that our communities play in all aspects of national development”.

We are convenanting with the people to revitalize Local Government in order to transform the relationship between citizens and government at the local level.

1.       Revitalization of Governance at the local level
2.       Re-energize citizens and communities involvement, participation and empowerment at the local level
3.       Improving and maintaining acceptable Service Delivery standards
4.       Building Resilient Communities
5.       Community Empowerment: Local Economic Development Vibrant and diversified rural areas
6.       Promoting Energy Efficient Solutions
7.       Increasing Transparency and Accountability
8.       Greater levels of partnership and collaboration
9.       Image Building and Re-branding