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The Municipal Social Assistance Programme

The Government in its commitment to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and strengthen service delivery to citizens; embarked on a programme to transform the Poor Relief System into a human service organization of excellence.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) is a key player in this transformation. The Ministry continues to enhance its support to the local authorities, and thereby their contribution to the local governance landscape especially through the Municipal Social Assistance Programme (MSAP).



The MSAP is an approved programme of the MLGRD, which retains overall responsibility, but delegates the necessary authority for its smooth operation to the relevant Municipal Corporations and the Poor Relief Departments, where appropriate.

The Fund meets its objectives through the allocation of monies to enable the effective delivery of social services to vulnerable citizens and provide administrative support to elected Parochial Representatives/Councillors under four components. They are:

  1. Office/Administration Support to Divisions
  2. Social Housing Assistance
  3. Indigent Housing Assistance
  4. Funeral and Education Grant


Component 1: Office/Administration Support to Divisions

  1. Special Allowance (Administrative/Office Staff)
  2. Specially Assigned Computer Tablets


Component 2: Social Housing Assistance

  1. Assistance Towards Housing Units
  2. House Repairs and Minor Improvement
  3. Disaster Preparedness and Response Assistance


Component 3: Indigent Housing Assistance

  1. House Construction
  2. Complete Housing Unit


Component 4: Funeral and Education Grant

  1. Offsetting of Funeral Expenses
  2. Assistance for School Supplies and Uniforms
  3. Examination Fees and Registration
  4. School Auxiliary and Registration Fees



To find out how to benefit, please contact with the respective Municipal Corporation (formerly Parish Council) in each parish or get in touch with:

The Board of Supervision

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

61 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10

Telephone: 876-618-7360-9